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Cancer, the six letter word that has taken hundreds of thousands of lives, devastating families all over the nation. Janice Grossman was one of those unfortunate souls that were blindsided by those three words, “You have cancer”.

Janice went in for a routine hysterectomy, only to find out that she had stage one uterine cancer. Due to a mistake during the laparoscopic removal, the cancer returned twice in the same location. She tried chemotherapy and ended up with a hole in her colon, and her cancer growing to a stage four.

Janice went looking for another option. And that’s when she found Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). RSO is full extraction cannabis oil, developed by Rick Simpson to fight his own cancer.  She came across an older woman’s testimonial who swore by it. Janice believed that there was a cure, and she had nothing to lose. She dove in head first and was cancer free in a matter of months.

“I opened this store to help other medical patients to learn all of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. It’s a natural way to stay well! I think it’s time to stop all of the pharmaceutical drugs that do more harm than good.”

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